Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards

Honoring and acknowledging people, organizations, and resources that help individuals and communities realize more of their potential

Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Choose your words for they become actions.
Understand your actions for they become habit.
Study your habits for they become your Character.
Develop your character for it becomes your Destiny.

The essence of destiny

Welcome to the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards

As a society, we have many well-known programs and facilities to honor individuals who have excelled in sports, music, entertainment, business, etc. Now the Ultimate Destiny Network presents Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards to honor those individuals in any area of life who have manifested their Ultimate Destiny and especially those who are also helping others manifest theirs. Many of them have committed their lives in sharing with others their own success formula in various fields. Ultimate Destiny Network and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living have been soliciting input through online quizzes that ask for personal definitions of Ultimate Destiny, examples of individuals who are or who did fulfill theirs, suggestions about what it takes to realize more of your inherent potential and suggested resources.  The first group of individuals to be honored with the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards were mostly identified already by individuals who have completed our quiz. The initial list of Award Recipients are being added to and can be seen on the Recipients page and, for details on each of them, you can go directly to their individual pages. The content we share there is placeholder content, generally copied from their web sites. As we launch Ultimate Destiny University we will be inviting each Hall of Fame Award recipient to answer several questions about what they attribute their sucecss in life to. We are also asking each of them to provide the images and content they would like us to include on their web pages in our site and for their major programs, products and services they would like us to include as Featured Resources in each of the main areas of Successful Living.

The Ultimate Destiny University for Sucecssful Living and Hall of Fame Awards will also feature programs, products, services, non-profit organizations, companies and other resources that help individuals, organizations, companies and communities see, believe and achieve more of all they can be, do and have steward-heir-ship over as they Fulfill their Ultimate Destiny (whatever that means to each one.)

Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards Program

We Love to Have You Participate!

Ultimate Destiny encourages interaction with our readers, subscribers, sponsors, nominees, and award recipients. Everyone is encouraged to exchange views on recipients and potential nominees for the Awards, cast their votes in any of the major categories referred to below but also on how to improve our programs to tailor them to the largest audience possible. We particularly appreciate seeing how you connect any of those recipients, nominees or possibly your own candidates to one or several of the 14 categories outlined through this site.  You will have the opportunity to leave a comment at the bottom of each relevant page.  And if you have any private queries, you can also contact us directly. We are listening and responding. Your feedback is important.

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