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Vic Conant Award Recognition Plaque

Vic Conant Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award Plaque

About Vic Conant

Vic Conant, Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award Recipient
Vic Conant – borne on 21 December 1946, is the Chairman of the Board of Nightingale-Conant Corp, the premier publisher of audio personal development programs in the world.

Vic had the great fortune of growing up surrounded by the works of the modern legends of the motivation industry like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale to name a few. After graduating from the University of Michigan and a stint in Viet Nam, Vic eventually joined the family business just as it started publishing other authors besides Earl Nightingale-the first of whom was Denis Waitley and eventually the Whose Who of business and self improvement. Vic took over as president and in 1986 and has spearheaded its growth to over $40mm in sales making it by far the dominant publisher in its field.

More About Vic Conant


I have always believed that our thoughts and ideas are our most powerful possessions. They can change the way we look at the world and the way we live our lives. Positive thoughts can improve every area of our lives ‘ careers, relationships, personal wealth, and self-image.Innovative ideas are the core of our success and are the driving force behind everything we do at the Nightingale-Conant Corporation.”

He has produced “This I Believe”. A set of 4 Audio CD. In This I Believe Vic shares insights culled from a lifetime in the company of the greatest success ideas – and the greatest practitioners of those ideas – that the world has ever known. Once you hear This I Believe, you will understand why Vic Conant is so widely admired, respected, and loved – and why the greatest success thinkers in the world routinely seek out his advice on how to improve their businesses and enrich their lives.

Vic has undoubtedly worked with more of the great self-improvement authors than any other human being alive today. And when an upcoming author in the human potential field wants to get published it is just natural for him or her to seek out Vic and Nightingale-Conant.



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